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The company Grand Technologies LLC is one of the leading distributors and service provider for electronic components in Ukrainian electronic market more than 15 years.  Our company has long-term experience of partnership with world-known manufacturers of active and passive electronic components and equipment. Moreover main activities of  “GRAND Technologies” are complex design of computer/electronic systems, include system architecture design, mathematics, hardware(schematics and PCB) and software (real-time soft), mainly for A/D and DSP systems in radar applications (navy radars and radio astronomy).
The GRAND Technologies has powerful scientific and production facilities making it possible to quickly carry out a total cycle of activities from development of requirements specification up to manufacturing of the finished product, its commissioning and providing the Customer with support and maintenance.  Our basic activity is development of software and software hardware in the following areas:
•    telecommunications and communication
•    IT-engineering
•    technical facilities of information security
•    special techniques
•    security systems
•    antenna-feeder devices
•    HF- , SHF-equipment
•    GPS systems

The computer systems and various complexity hardware/software designs, produced by our company, is intended to solve all problems, concerned with receiving, storing, processing, transmission and displaying of information. As an example of our jobs can be ordinary CardBus I/O controller as well as computer system, based on industrial panel computers and special-purpose hardware modules for rugged environment. The design includes mathematics, algorithms, hardware and software; for every designed unit we produce complete technical documentation sets.
For the present moment we make design and systems and complexes (stationary and mobile) which are used for monitoring of cellular communication stations and networks of GSM, CDMA, WCDMA standards applied for simultaneous signal detection at all frequency channels, estimation of signal data. From 2010 GRAND Technologies expands its field of activity and focuses on the design and production of radio monitoring systems like S-10Grand--5WFFront 2-MF models, digital ferret receivers Dolphin. Our company implements complete cycle of production: design, mounting, testing all components and service maintain equipment. Produced radio monitoring systems have the high technical characteristics and steadily upgrade in tune with the required standards. 
We also aggressively adopt LED lamps of indoor/outdoor lighting produced by Grand Technologies. The product has EU certification.
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